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Hot Sales Needlework Cross Stitch Handmade Craft Arts Color Dog Printed Cross Stitch Embroidery. The bright color is easy to distinguish, the lattice is square without deviation, and the quality embroidery thread does not fade. Quality can stand the test, our pursuit of quality is to make you more satisfied. This is DIY, non finished products need to be done by yourself. This product does not come with photo frame, if need to buy separately.

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1. 100% accurate printing cross-stitch kit are more and more popular in teenagers and adults at present.
2. Whole team research and development the newest designs according to the market demands, our aim is to satisfy our clients by all our utmost trying.
3. The new generation of 100% accurate printing cross- stitch machine is using the most advanced digital printing technology, all colors and gridlines could be guaranteed.
This picture is just for reference, please in kind prevail!
(11CT)please use 3 strands threads for full stitch,2 strands threads for back stitch.
The pattern has been printed on the cloth(11CT printed), so before finishing stitching, the cloth cannot touch water, otherwise the printed part will disappear.
After finishing stitching, put the cloth in water for half an hour, then make it dry, and then you can make a frame for it.

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