About embroidery thread

Cherish embroidery thread manufacturers self-produced and sold, the real source manufacturers, large quantity and low price and low price, absolute first-hand source, large quantity of preferential, The product features select high-quality raw materials, which are not easy to pilling, not easy to break thread, not fade, soft handle,the luster is soft and plain, with good moisture absorption and air permeability. The embroidery thread has a variety of colors, bright and beautiful, covering several major color systems. The embroidery thread is 1 piece of 6 strands, 8 meters per share, and the corresponding logo is marked on the packaging paper DMC color card on the line number, in order to facilitate the search and identification of each embroidered thread color number, 447 colors can be selected to meet your various needs. It is used for household sewing, cross stitch embroidery, hand embroidery for children, DIY fabric, home sewing. The production process of embroidery thread is divided into twisting silk,,dyeing, winding, oiling and winding. We always abide by the service tenet of “quality for survival”, “reputation for development”, “innovation for progress” and “listening for perfection” to provide services for you. welcome to the sample custom-made each kind of embroidery thread tool set.

Post time: Aug-03-2020