Company news

Cherish, founded in 1995, is located in Yiwu, China, the capital of small commodities in the world. It is a focus on DIY hand – made product design, production and marketing of professional production enterprises.
Our mission is to drive customer sales through innovative design, high quality, on time delivery and competitive prices. In pursuit of enterprises, businesses, consumer striple-win for the purpose of “quality environmental protection” for the environmental management policy, up and down one mind, brainstorm, and all walks of life in-depth cooperation, launched the cherish brand led the domestic cross-stitch high-end market development direction.
The company has long maintained good cooperation relationship with Japan and Korea cross stitch professional institutions, and its design ability in cross stitch industry is at the leading level in China.It took the lead in setting up the cross stitch product design center in the industry,, Every year, millions of special funds are allocated for the application of new product design and new material combination, to ensure that Cherish cross embroidery super design ability and cultural connotation depth of mining , and the noble treasures of the former European aristocrats become DIY leisure products of today’s consumers, which are deeply loved by the majority of consumers.

Post time: Aug-03-2020