Embroidery is the general term for any decorative pattern embroidered on fabric with needles and thread.

Embroidery is the general term for any decorative pattern embroidered on fabric with needles and thread. There are two kinds of embroidery: silk embroidery and feather embroidery. In which silk or other fibers or yarns are pierced by a needle with a certain design and color on an embroidery material and colors are pierced by a needle to form a pattern decorative. It is the art of adding human design and manufacturing to any existing fabric using needles and thread. Embroidery, which has a history of at least two or three thousand years in China, is one of the traditional Chinese folk handicrafts.
Our embroidery is using plants, flowers and cartoon pattern embroidered in three-dimensional wall hanging, pillowcases, mirror, wallet, headwears, necklaces, rings, earrings, talismans、masks, handkerchiefs, etc., the embroidery is a kind of what makes the original object the icing on the cake, not only reflects the Embroidery level of embroiderer, also make the otherwise mundane things added a lot of angry. Details by the fine line embroidery performance, highlighting a distinctive charm.
Embroidery has spirituality, is a taste of life, plain and harmonious color, lack of endless imagination space. Embroidery is the lyric of love, the gentle talk of needle and thread, the blank fabric is endowed with inspiration, the rich and beautiful imagination embellishes the monotonous life, and build a dream landscape and poetic time. The material package includes printed embroidered cloth, embroidered thread, embroidered needle, detailed drawing instructions. Products are not finished, need to be made by hand, suitable for beginners to get started, Friends who play with needles and thread for the first time, do not worry, embroidery products are equipped with high-definition video detailed tutorial, follow the video can be completed, let you and embroidery zero distance contact. “The world is not lack of beauty, just lack of eyes to find beauty”, many ordinary things, always be ignored by the busy heart.
Perhaps life is not all good, but as long as there is a love of life, happy to create a beautiful heart, then slowly, life will become what you want. As long as the heart, ordinary things can also become extraordinary, as long as willing to heart, ordinary life will be given its unique meaning!

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